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Strap-On Play Equals Playtime Fun

Strap-On Play with Fem Domme

The first time I dabbled with a strap-on, I had two interesting feelings: 1.) I felt silly and 2.) I felt empowered.  The silly feeling came from a place of simply looking in the mirror and seeing a huge cock sticking out.  I had always wondered what it would be like to have a cock, and there it was, attached to me.  I could hold it and stroke it, but just looking in the mirror, I felt silly with it.  Once I held that strap-on in my hand, though, and looked down at this eager, willing boy, I felt empowered.  I joked about it then, but now when I say it, it has an intense drive for me. When I put my dick on, I’m your Fem Daddy.

When I get into Fem Domme mode, and we engage in some strap-on fun, it’s a whole other Parker you are dealing with.  I want to play with my boy-toy, and my boy-toy should want to play, too!  When he sees me pull out my cock, I want him on his knees, looking up at me, ready to open that mouth wide, getting my cock ready for other things to come (wink).  Sometimes I will laugh at that very sight, but trust me, it’s only because deep down, I am truly enjoying this.

Our First Time Using a Strap-On

Obviously by now, I have had some experience using a strap-on, but maybe you haven’t.  You have thought about sucking my cock, getting it wet with your mouth so I can use it on your willing ass, but still keep that fantasy buried in your brain.  I can completely understand that, which is why preparing for our strap-on session is important.  You are mentally there, but you need to physically be ready as well.

Can’t Wait to be Your Strap-On Fem Domme

Whether you are an experienced bottom, or this is your first time, I promise you will enjoy playing with your new Strap-On Fem Domme, Parker!

Till we speak,



Dreaming of Teasing strap-on sluts like you…



Small Penis Humiliation

Why do I love small penis humiliation?

I didn’t always know I loved small penis humiliation, to be honest.  Growing up and discovering my sexuality, I sort of played around with different guys.  It wasn’t until I came across a fella with the smallest pecker I had ever seen.  He was so excited to pull down and his pants and show me his penis, but when I busted-up laughing, he just stood there.  You’d think in that situation you could control your thoughts, try and be civil for the poor lad with this tiny dick, but nope!  I laughed and asked him if he seriously thought he was going to satisfy me with that thing.  He looked at me and simply said, “No.” I laughed again (lol).

What made the whole situation exciting was that I could tell he was still getting hard.  I know, it took me a bit to tell the difference from soft to hard, but as subtle as it may be, you can actually notice an erection with a baby penis (ha-ha).  At that moment, I decided to keep laughing and making fun of it.  We both knew he wasn’t going to be able to slide that thing inside me anyway, so I told him that he could use his fingers and make a little mess for me on the floor.  After 10 minutes of humiliating him, he squirted on the floor. The best part, after he finished, he thanked me.  Pathetic!

Now I love small penis humiliation because, well, it’s fun to sit back and look at your embarrassed face as you hold your teeny-weenie with your fingers.  Ha – your fingers!

You love small penis humiliation, too!

You love small penis humiliation, because you know that’s the only way a gorgeous woman, or any woman, really, will give you the time of day, thanks to your tiny nubbin.  That’s why you need a femdom mistress who will really humiliate you in the way you deserve.

I can’t wait to humiliate you and your small penis.

I love humiliation and you have a small penis, how perfect!  Give me a call and tell me all about your failed experiences with women, all because your penis is smaller than my pinky.

Till we speak,



Dreaming of Teasing small dick boys like you…





Phone Sex with Miss Parker – Yes!

Miss Parker’s Approach to Phone Sex

There is an art to phone sex, don’t you agree? Being able to share your deepest, most intimate secrets and fantasies with someone that loves hearing them. Loves exploring them. Gets turned on role playing them! I believe that when two people connect in that way, the phone sex experience is quite orgasmic. And honestly, who doesn’t love an earth-shattering orgasm?!  Hmmm…I do, by the way (smile).

My approach to phone sex and being a Domme may come across a tad bit unconventional at first. Initially, it’s important for me to understand you as a person. Yes, I can be bossy, dominant, bratty, teasing and controlling. I’m the first to admit that I have tendencies to be manipulative, but those attributes will come in time. Just like I have my way of making a Subway sandwich, you have your way of needing and wanting to submit to a Mistress. For some, cross dressing isn’t always sexual, and not all pets like a firm hand. What am I trying to get at?  Basically, when we connect at first, I’m Parker. Once I understand what and where you want to go, I’m Parker, your Maîtresse.

Who is Parker Though

So, before we dive into all the fun stuff, you should know a little bit about me first. I really am an easy-going girl to talk to. I enjoy getting to know people, and to be honest, digging into your brain! This is one of the reasons I find phone sex so appealing. I am a very curious person by nature, so when you first call me, it’s not unusual that I ask some questions that may seem strange to you. It’s my way of not only getting to know you, but trying to make you feel more comfortable with me. I don’t play a character, but I am listening to you and your needs.  I like to think I am quite inquisitive and will pick up on what you are saying quickly.

My dominant side is a little different, so you know. Naturally, I am somewhat more assertive, almost bossy to a point, but it always comes across in a sensual and soft way. Now, there is nothing entirely different about that, but because I have found myself to enjoy some quirky fetishes, too, I am a bonafide, well-rounded pervert and kinky domme. What a combination, right? I love teasing and seducing, manipulating and humiliating. Making love and transforming men into tiny toys! Also, I love to just talk and hear about your secrets and fantasies. Basically, whatever you are up for, I am totally game (smile).

Our Phone Sex Experience

Overall, I just want you to have a great time!  Please, don’t hesitate to email me with questions about your fetish, fantasy or role-play ideas. Even if you just want to say ‘hello,’ I would love to hear from you.


xo, Parker


Welcome Ms. Parker!

Join us in welcoming Ms. Parker to the Enchantrix Empire!