About Parker


My name is Parker!  I live in the Northwest – Idaho, to be exact.  Not from here originally (that would be New Mexico), but I absolutely love it in Idaho.  We tend to get all four seasons, have tons of hiking trails, rivers to raft and I’m here.  Okay, me being here doesn’t make it THAT special, but you like knowing I’m here, right?!  Aside from here I live, I am 34, open-minded and I have a great imagination.  The open-mindedness and great imagination will come in during our calls, but that I’d give it a quick shout out here (lol)!

Femdom Parker

Plants, 70s and Crewels!

Everyone has their own ideas about what a Mistress is like.  I feel they don’t associate plant care and pegging in the same box, but I love pegging just as much as plants, so… Oh, a total bonus would be if the guy I’m pegging loves plants, too!  That thought just made me realize how cool it would be to have a plant-themed dildo.  Maybe not so cool the more I think about it.  Okay, back to the plants… I collect Sansevierias to be exact. I’m sure you’ve seen them at your local grocery or nursery.  They are commonly referred to as snake plants and I have over 15 varieties and around 100+ in total (I said I love plants, didn’t I?!).

I also REALLY love collecting crewels.  They are basically embroidery work, but the thread is finer.  I’ve never really tried to do them on my own, but I am always on the hunt for a quirky and fun ones!  They were popular in the 70s and 80s, which may be why I love them so much, because I have an obsession with those decades.  My entire house is pretty much all the things I am fascinated with from that era.  If you don’t like orange, brown, yellow and green, you will not like my living space (it’s all over!!).

How Do I Play?

The big question, huh?!  As a Mistress, I’m more on the sensual side of things.  I like to tease and find a more playful approach to be exciting for me.  I can be strict, trust me, but I don’t enjoy yelling to get my point across as necessary at all.  I think I mentioned pegging, right? I really do love it, from pegging games to role plays, I am never bored with that.  I told you I was open-minded as well, so never hesitate to send me an email asking about something you are into.  I am always curious where people like to go, so I love to reading about your fantasies or role play before diving int.

I love really strange fetishes, too: vore, unaware and Giantess role plays are something I have been into for years.  And food play, bimbos and tickling just excite me to no-end!  If you are quirky and like unusual things, we will get along perfectly – trust me.


This is me in a nutshell, but I hope you will call to find out more about me and the many ways we can have fun!


E-mail ~ Parker@enchantrixempire.com

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Phone ~ 1-800-601-6975

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