Who Loves Body Worship?

I just finished with a call, and it made me think how impressive body worshiping can be – when done right.  This gentleman started at my head, and finished with my feet.  It was just a phone call, but his words, and how he described each section, left me feeling so relaxed.

This brings me to my post: who loves  body worship? How many of you, not only thoroughly enjoy focusing on either the body as a whole, or maybe just one part of the body to worship, but even get aroused by it?  Whether it’s feet, breasts, ass or just the whole dang body, when you imagine yourself massaging, kissing, licking – whatever – it turns you on, right?!

My Body

When the call started, I don’t think we had planned to go there.  He mentioned how much he loved to make a Mistress feel good, and I was curious to see just how much.  He explained it to me perfectly!  His voice was soothing, so I immediately felt calm, but then he started to talk about my breasts.  Being a gentleman, and polite submissive, he asked for permission to focus on them.  The way he described licking my nipples, and playing with my areolas, I felt mine get hard.  Once he realized how much I was enjoying the attention to my breasts, he said how much he enjoys worshipping them.

It wasn’t just my breasts; he took the time to focus on every part of my body.  Worshipping my ass, legs and then finally my feet.  Random suggestion here, but trust me when I say this to you: if you haven’t already, learning to worship the body of your Mistress will not go unnoticed!  I love having my body worshipped, and I know other women do as well.

Give Your Mistress Something to Remember

Learning to master the art of body worship is truly something all men should to do.  No matter if you are allowed to give a nice long massage to your Mistress, or were given the holy grail to worship her breasts, ass, feet and hell, even her pussy, she will enjoy every second of it.  I imagine you will, too (wink).

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