Anal Beads: A Time to Remember

So the other day I was looking through my toy drawer and noticed that I didn’t have any anal beads.  Sure, most toys in my drawer are ones I use on myself, since I am currently single with no one to play with – ugh!  Anyway, it made me think of a time when an ex-boyfriend loved having anal fun.  We had a drawer just for his toys. One of his favorites: anal beads. As much as I loved using the beads on him, it was unbelievable how much he loved having them inside!

I remember many nights with him on his hands and knees, spreading his legs and holding those cheeks apart.  Listening to him beg for me to slide the first bead in, then the second, until all beads had vanished. He loved it – I mean, he truly loved those anal beads.  I guess ultimately, he loved anal play in general, which was good for me because I loved using his ass for fun (wink).  They way he described the feeling, though, was what always stood out to me.  Anytime we were going to dabble in some anal fun, I knew, without a doubt, that those beads would be take from his drawer.

Anal Play, or Lack Thereof

Nowadays, most of my calls, the guy is yearning to insert those anal beads in his sweet bum just for me. One at a time, nice and slow, just filling his ass up with bead-time fun.  How many guys, though, don’t realize how amazing it feels to enjoy some anal fun?  Answer: many, unfortunately. It’s understandable however.  If you have never been with someone experienced enough, or maybe a bad experience altogether, both scenarios could leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Which I must say, isn’t good.  Some may not feel comfortable, too, which again, I totally get.

Even in the world of having a Mistress to obey, some guys feel like anal play is no longer masculine for them.  At first it’s hard to explain that just because you enjoy something sexually, doesn’t mean it labels you one way or another.  It just means simply that: you enjoy it and the pleasure it brings. Maybe you’ve only seen women use anal beads, so don’t associate the beads with something a guy would do.  There are many reasons guys give for saying ‘no to the hole,’ but don’t give up the idea altogether until you try it – jeez!!

Let Me Help You Enjoy Anal Fun

I want to break that fear you may have with anal beads.  Having heard from so many guys how unbelievably amazing it feels to use them, trust me, you want to try it out, too.  The way the bead “pops” inside, how the ass stretches and closes round the bead.  When, the more beads there are, and if they range in size as you insert, only adds to how incredible it feels.  I want you to enjoy something different, and see if you like it.  Hell, we can even look up the various kinds online and see which appeals to you.  Talk about the differences and how they may bring joy to your ass (smile).  Hopefully if/when you do try it, anal beads will become a part of your playtime as well.

We can start off slow, but in time, I am pretty sure you will see why anal play is so much fun. And so much  MORE fun with those beads!! So, let’s try it together for the first time, or if anal beads are already on your list of fun things to do, I want to use them on you (smile).

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