Why do I love small penis humiliation?

I didn’t always know I loved small penis humiliation, to be honest.  Growing up and discovering my sexuality, I sort of played around with different guys.  It wasn’t until I came across a fella with the smallest pecker I had ever seen.  He was so excited to pull down and his pants and show me his penis, but when I busted-up laughing, he just stood there.  You’d think in that situation you could control your thoughts, try and be civil for the poor lad with this tiny dick, but nope!  I laughed and asked him if he seriously thought he was going to satisfy me with that thing.  He looked at me and simply said, “No.” I laughed again (lol).

What made the whole situation exciting was that I could tell he was still getting hard.  I know, it took me a bit to tell the difference from soft to hard, but as subtle as it may be, you can actually notice an erection with a baby penis (ha-ha).  At that moment, I decided to keep laughing and making fun of it.  We both knew he wasn’t going to be able to slide that thing inside me anyway, so I told him that he could use his fingers and make a little mess for me on the floor.  After 10 minutes of humiliating him, he squirted on the floor. The best part, after he finished, he thanked me.  Pathetic!

Now I love small penis humiliation because, well, it’s fun to sit back and look at your embarrassed face as you hold your teeny-weenie with your fingers.  Ha – your fingers!

You love small penis humiliation, too!

You love small penis humiliation, because you know that’s the only way a gorgeous woman, or any woman, really, will give you the time of day, thanks to your tiny nubbin.  That’s why you need a femdom mistress who will really humiliate you in the way you deserve.

I can’t wait to humiliate you and your small penis.

I love humiliation and you have a small penis, how perfect!  Give me a call and tell me all about your failed experiences with women, all because your penis is smaller than my pinky.

Till we speak,



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