Strap-On Play with Fem Domme

The first time I dabbled with a strap-on, I had two interesting feelings: 1.) I felt silly and 2.) I felt empowered.  The silly feeling came from a place of simply looking in the mirror and seeing a huge cock sticking out.  I had always wondered what it would be like to have a cock, and there it was, attached to me.  I could hold it and stroke it, but just looking in the mirror, I felt silly with it.  Once I held that strap-on in my hand, though, and looked down at this eager, willing boy, I felt empowered.  I joked about it then, but now when I say it, it has an intense drive for me. When I put my dick on, I’m your Fem Daddy.

When I get into Fem Domme mode, and we engage in some kinky fun, it’s a whole other Parker you are dealing with.  I want to play with my boy-toy, and my boy-toy should want to play, too!  When he sees me pull out my cock, I want him on his knees, looking up at me, ready to open that mouth wide, getting my cock ready for other things to come (wink).  Sometimes I will laugh at that very sight, but trust me, it’s only because deep down, I am truly enjoying this.

Our First Time Using a Strap-On

Obviously by now, I have had some experience attaching my own cock on, but maybe you haven’t.  You have thought about sucking my cock, getting it wet with your mouth so I can use it on your willing ass, but still keep that fantasy buried in your brain.  I can completely understand that, which is why preparing for our strap-on session is important.  You are mentally there, but you need to physically be ready as well.

Can’t Wait to be Your Strap-On Mistress

Whether you are an experienced bottom, or this is your first time, I promise you will enjoy playing with your new Strap-On Fem Domme, Parker!

Till we speak,



Dreaming of Teasing strap-on sluts like you…