Public Humiliation IS Fun

So you are the type that loves public humiliation.  All eyes on you, as you debase yourself in front of everyone. Oh no, you couldn’t just stay inside like other perverts and keep it private, could you?  You just have to been seen by anyone willing to stop what they are doing to watch.  And, of course, they are going to watch you.  Of course, people are going to stop, stare at a man sitting on the pavement as pies are being thrown at him.   Could be your Mistress got you dressed up in a frilly pink outfit and ordered you to go buy some panties at the mall.  Or you have your superhero costume and mask on, hoping everyone will laugh at you and call out how nerdy you are (we will get back to this scenario in a bit – wink).

Phone Fantasy and Public Humiliation

I love when a guy calls and enjoys being publicly humiliated.  There are thousands of places we can take the fantasy, especially when he is willing and very imaginative.  Most guys have a specific trigger for them, but once we figure that out, it’s all hands-on-deck!  Most of you call wanting to be seen on Skype. Baring yourself in front me, as I laugh at your small prick, and you….yes you, the one that loves to play with your food as I watch and call you names.  And how could I forget you, the pervert I catch on Skype sniffing my panties, so I make you put them on and have you make a mess in them.  Trust me, I can take your public humiliation perversion and bring it to life over the phone.

Bat Nerd Humiliation Time

I said we would get back to a scenario earlier, and here we are.  I want to keep it simple and let the other ladies of LDW chime in with how nerdy YOU are in your bat mask! LOL!

Till we speak again,



Dreaming of publicly humiliating pervs, and nerds, like you…